Pump-n-Play Playground Pump System

Playground Water Pump

The Pump-n-Play Playground Pump System creates an independent play experience in which kids explore the science of pumping water.

Get ready for inquisitive questions like:

  • How does a hand pump work?

  • How much force is required to pump the water?

  • Where does the water come from... and where does it go?

The Pump-n-Play Water Playground Pump System invites a broader discussion about water as a resource, conservation and environmental science!

How it works:

Water from the pressurized water line fills the tank and automatically shuts off at the fill line. Kids then hand-pump the water out of the tank. The water refills as it's pumped out.

Pump Details & Dimensions

  • 54 inches tall from top of the handle
  • Tank is 14 inches in diameter

  • Connects to pressurized water line

  • Stainless steel 

  • Designed for heavy-duty kid traffic

  • 5 Year warranty on all manufactured parts


The Pump-n-Play Playground Pump comes with optional accessories. This video shows the "Spout & Shout" which quick-connects to the spout and causes the water to spray out like a sprinkler. As you can see, the kids love it!

The Pump-n-Play System is manufactured in the United States with high-quality materials.

Cadron Creek Play products are built to last. 

About the Manufacturer:

Cadron Creek Play is a family-owned and operated business located in Conway, Arkansas. The owners love to design playful products with their grandchildren in mind, with a focus on natural and sensory play.

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